Platform for individuals to understand their mental and physical health status by using comprehensive score generated by i1Fit, which will help to empower their wellness journey

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Provides physical and psychological matrices based on real-time data retrieved from smart devices and 3rd party app integrations. With the help of it an individual can monitor personal health holistic score (comprehensive score of the physical & mental health)

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i1Fit collects the information of the individual for analysing the wellbeing in following ways:
    • Active data collection: Information provided by the individual on the app. For example: Activities, challenges with friends, games, etc.

    • Passive data collection: Information collected by the connected smart devices and integrations. For example: Smart phone, wearable devices, etc.

Key features

    • Daily score tracking
    • Physical and Mental wellness indicators
    • Recommendation engine to help in improving scores
    • Memory Games
    • Physical activities tracking
    • Challenging/assigning activities to friends
    • Personal history of activities
    • Calendar
    • Smart wearables connectivity


  • Insurance
    • The comprehensive score generated by i1Fit, can be used for dynamic premium amount generation in Pay as You Live life insurance products
    • Medical history questionnaire for the individual based on WHO norms
    • Risk mapped with 15 disease bands and 53 factors
    • Provides predictive data related risk based on healthy and lifestyle for timely services
  • Hospitals/Clinics
    • Hospitals/clinics can use the individual’s past data to analyze the health history for the better treatment
  • Gymnasium & yoga centers
    • Gym/Yoga coach can use the individual’s past data to analyze where they need to focus more for a better health
  • Business
    • Provides a platform for promotional events like Advertisements, Offers, Promo codes, etc. which can be configured based on multiple criteria that depends on health score or subscription of the individual

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